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Project objective

Update the brand identity for an established Tampa Bay clothing store where women will want to 'Pop, Sip, & Shop.'

In 2012, Danielle & Graham Evans approached us to design her clothing store branding and website. Nearly 6 years later, we were back to the drawing board to reimagine the branding to incorporate the new direction of the company and it's newly established champagne bar, Bubbly Barchique. Both brands needed to work in harmony with each other, as Bubbly Barchique is located within the boutique so continuity was crucial.

Like the original concept, our approach highlights the sexy, feminine, and direct attitude of the Don Me Now shopper. It was important for the brand to feel relatable yet unique because each client has an individual style. We provided Danielle with a complete branding package for both companies, print collateral, promotional videography, editing and animation, as well as helped to design the entire interior retail experience.

To ensure the experience between sipping and shopping was seamless, the space planning was imperative to the store's success. We carefully considered the bar's location within the space and it's relation to the existing electrical and structural restraints. Given the space was a complete blank shell, we began with measurements and assembled renderings to get a better understanding of the building. Our selected finishes, furniture, and fixtures were all considered and assembled within the renderings to perfectly paint the picture to our clients. From there, the contractors were able to assemble our vision with oversight from our office. In the end, the space, branding, and website are a true reflection of the Evans' design sense and vision for the future of their company.

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Don Me Now Website
Bubbly Barchique

What We Did

Brand Guidelines
Logo Development
Print Collateral Design
Website Design
Website Programming
Social Media
Responsive Popping + Shopping

We focused on optimizing content on both Don Me Now and Bubbly Barchique websites to drive home organic searchability across the web. This was achieved by optimizing all past site images and maximizing written content to tie in with current context and keyword searches. Site Example
I put complete trust and faith in Dash Creative. They're always on top of the latest trends for my brands, knowledgeable in social/digital and truly responsible for the growth of my business. We could not do what we do without them. Danielle Evans, Owner of Don Me Now & Bubbly Barchique
Don Me Now Print Material
What We Did
Graphic Design
Print Design
Don Me Now knows that every effective marketing campaign needs print collateral. Throughout the rebranding process, we created a number of new pieces including hangtags, updated business cards, promotional postcards, and more.
CAD Rendering of Bubbly Barchique
Finished Inside of Bubbly Barchique
What We Did
Space Planning
Visual Merchandising
Retail Experience
Getting the look of the blank retail space right was essential. We worked along side of Danielle and Graham to determine a look that's both bright and refreshing for the customer. Incorporating a bar within the retail space allows customers to sip bubbly and shop, slowing them down to really experience the hybrid store concept.