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Project objective

Update the web presence and marketing materials of a popular DJ and his growing company.

With over 15 years of experience, David "DJ Dayve" Wistocki, has become a renowned DJ in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Known for his professionalism and a high-level of service, his reputation precedes him. We developed a responsive, single page website and blog to highlight his customers’ satisfaction, list his services, showcase his company's many accolades, and most importantly, allow prospective clients to easily connect with David for their own special event.

Along with developing his site, we took Dayve’s SEO ranking up more than 40% points by implementing rich metadata, optimizing his content, and making sure his written content is contextually strong for searchability.

In addition to his web presence, we have helped design and refine his marketing collateral through a detailed media kit. This allows him to send pricing and information to prospective clients in a concise yet detailed presentation.

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What We Did

CMS Development
Print Collateral Design
Website Design
Website Programming
Logo Design
Shareable, Mobile Content

Both DJ Dayve and his clients are constantly on the go, so ensuring his content was mobile ready was imperative. With a responsive single page website, we were able to pack in a lot of content without sacrificing on speed or optimization.
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Print material for DJDayve
What We Did
Print Design
Print Design
Developing an easy to read media kit for DJ Dayve was essential for business growth and engaging with his new and potential clients. We helped him outline his booking process, detail his rate sheet and FAQs, as well as highlight some of the hundreds of events he’s played.